[LMB] Birthdays...

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Tue Nov 3 02:36:39 GMT 2015

At 02:50 PM 11/2/2015, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
>[Ta, L.  Now wondering what the origin of "red-letter [whatever]" may be.

I always rather assumed that red-letter days sprang from the habit of 
printing holidays on calendars using red ink, but come to think of 
it, that should be 'red-number days", should it not?  But the habit 
of using red ink for special purposes is used for many other things 
(I am thinking of a Bible, for instance, where every word spoken by 
Jesus was printed in red; everything else was in black.)

Regards, Pete 

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