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Pamela Weber pp.weber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 00:10:46 GMT 2015

Matt, actually, in German, copper-colored silk (kupferfarbene Seide) is
unequivocally the orange-brown of pure metallic copper.

The greenish blue color you refer to is the color of certain copper salts
that appear on weathered bronze or copper statues, and that color would be
called Grünspan, Patina or maybe kupfergrün, but never kupferfarben.

Given the absurd number of weathered bronze statues in German and Austrian
cities, all streaked in green and white (the latter due to pigeon
droppings), native German speakers are usually quite aware of the
difference between metallic copper and copper salts. Just as if someone
told you something is the color of metal, you'd think shiny silvery-grey,
and not reddish-brown like rusted iron.

That said, yes, I agree that the Never Ending Story was a remarkable book.
I remember wondering whether someone reading it would read about *me*
reading it, and what color text my own reality would be printed in. It was
one of my favorite books growing up, I must have read it dozens of times
(In school. Under the desk. In class. Avid reader. Always sat in the last
row). I still have my old copy. Bound in dark red fabric, alas, not
copper-colored silk.


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