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Typos or possible typos below,sorry cannot get on to Good reads site due to nannyware . Also cannot trim, hence the top post, sorry again.





For "has" read "was" in the phrase. It always has before.

Delete "the saying went"

And general comment. If the car goes with the job, maybe viceregal not vicereinal? Though the eyeball (p86) is certainly vicereinal!

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[LMB] GJ&RQ review
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PW:  Thanks everyone for the explanations about ARCs. I had no idea, and I'm
extremely grateful I stumbled upon this one.

LMB:  How, by the way, did you stumble upon it?  I'm curious about how
word gets around.

PW:  As much as I appreciate
spellchecks and general editing, I'm a story junky and three months is a
loooooong time.

Anyway, there aren't a lot of typos thus far. Nor any (noticeable)
consistency errors. I guess this is a very stable beta, as betas go :D

LMB:  People can still report typos on my blog spoiler-thread, here:


I finalized my errata sheet for Baen today, though I will hold it one
more day for late typo reports, then it must go in to make its
deadline.  I am so ready for this book to be _done_.  (The VK e-editions
reissue project is very nearly done as well, and the tip sheets for the
signed edition, about which I will make a blog post later, went off to
Baen last Thursday.  So my work queue, which suffered a sudden clog the
last month or so, is slowly emptying out.  I mean to keep to that way
for a bit.)

Ta, L.

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