[LMB] Birthdays...

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 4 17:53:42 GMT 2015

> I think a banquet to celebrate the occasion, catering by Ma Kosti, will
> fit the bill.  Delights both savoury and sweet, and some excellent
> company... including some small conspirators for Elanor.  
> It's unlikely that any *major* wars will be started….

Wandering off on a tangent, I wonder if Mark and Ma Kosti have gotten together to produce a line of frozen dinners or some such. A high end version of Reddi-Meals.   Miles, Kareen and Tsipis, at least, all gang up on Mark to make sure Ma Kosti gets her proper share of the profits. Enough to add to her funds for a comfy retirement someday, and maybe pass a nice nest egg to her grandkids.


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