[LMB] Betan control of pregnancy

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Sat Nov 7 13:28:25 GMT 2015

Minor point, I don't know the technology but the implant turned off periods as well as made women infertile. In present technology, vasectomies are only rarely reversible. After a short period, sperm are killed and are no longer available in amounts needed. Things might be different and undoubtably are. 
As to the social and psychological aspects, I am neither qualified nor equipped to judge. 
Betan arrogance is undoubted but it is at least a little more subtle then the haute. 

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> On Nov 7, 2015, at 5:06 AM, Elizabeth Stowe <estowe427 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Matt: Cordelia has occasionally suggested that Barrayarans cut their kids' tubes
> and let them find their own damnation.
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> There is of course the concept of 'fairness'. 
> es: That's what annoys me when I reread the stories. The Betans control women in order to reach a supposedly shared societal goal just like any earthly institution does/has done. They cloak it in "we're more advanced than the rest of you" rhetoric.
> The idea of innocent Kareen going off to Beta Colony to have a series of procedures which include hymen snipping, first sex with a hermaphrodite (because she wasn't comfortable with a man), and that sex with Mark watching creeps me out. I'm on Drou and Kou's side here. Cordelia pushed her into it, too.
> I agree, too, with Raye's point that it's easier to sterilize men (and reverse sterilize). If that choice was conscious, it contributes to the scenario where a brilliant survey officer isn't promoted to captain because a man tricks her into stepping back from the competition -- by offering her children. It further contributes to situations where the Betans -- who claim to be galactically savvy as they provide the most technologically advanced weapons to everyone else -- can't empathize with anyone who comes from a different place.

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