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Sat Nov 7 14:07:16 GMT 2015

On Sat, Nov 07, 2015 at 07:06:16AM -0500, Elizabeth Stowe wrote:

> The idea of innocent Kareen going off to Beta Colony to have a series of procedures which include hymen snipping, first sex with a hermaphrodite (because she wasn't comfortable with a man), and that sex with Mark watching creeps me out. I'm on Drou and Kou's side here. Cordelia pushed her into it, too.

Cordelia pushed her into going to Beta.  As for being creeped out,
Kareen seems to regret nothing about her experience, and she's an adult.
Why are you creeped out for her?  Do you want to lecture her about what
she did with her body?

> I agree, too, with Raye's point that it's easier to sterilize men (and
> reverse sterilize). If that choice was conscious, it contributes to

Except it's not.  RISUG is still in human trials, it's not something you
can go get.  And _Shards of Honor_ was published in 1986.

And females are the limiting factor in sexual reproduction.  if you miss
sterilizing one male, he can potentially impregnate a lot of females in
the population, especially if the population tends to have many sexual
partners because they think everyone's safe and sterile.  If you miss
sterilizing a female, there's only so much "damage" she can do to the
population control goal.

So if your goal is population control, it entirely makes sense to go
after all the wombs, after which it might be judged not cost effective
to go after the penises too, especially if the author was first writing
when reversible long term male birth control didn't even exist.

> situations where the Betans -- who claim to be galactically savvy as
> they provide the most technologically advanced weapons to everyone

Also have among the longest lifespans, the most advanced biotech that
isn't outright unethical, and no real poverty.

-xx- Damien X-) 

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