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On Sun, Nov 08, 2015 at 07:29:45AM -0500, Elizabeth Stowe wrote:

> Anyone who turns herself (Kareen between Memory and A Civil Campaign) or is turned by others (Tej in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance) to an institution for an officially impelled first sexual experience creeps me out. Neither girl showed a need for therapy. 

My parents told me it used to be traditional for the father of a 15 year
old French youth to buy him time with a prostitute, for his first time.
Get someone understanding and experienced.  I have no idea if that's
true of "the French" but it's probably been true in some social groups.
I see nothing wrong with women being able to avail themselves of the
same opportunity.

> To me it's similar to Tony and Claire first being matched by Dr. Yei (Falling Free), then told they would have subsequent babies with other partners. Institutions work towards their goals, using individuals as they go.

But it's not similar at all.  Tony and Claire were told "you two have
sex as we told you".  Kareen picked her sex worker.  Kareen's agency,
Kareen's control.

> While LMB is responding to what I think is a real dliemma -- the
> 15-year-old +/- girl overwhelmed by hormones and conditioning into
> having a lousy experience of sex the first time -- I prefer Fawn's
> (Beguilement) and Iselle's (Curse of Chalion) handling if it. Fawn

Fawn had bad sex with a chump, got pregnant, and ended up with a widowed
(IIRC) lover older than her father.  While it worked out for her, this
seems like a poor model to generalize.  Iselle, well, in a society like
that there's a good change Bergon has already been with prostitutes, so
at least one of them will have a clue. 

> suffers initially while Iselle finds love. Fawn's unsatisfied
> curiosity keeps her going until she finds much greater fulfillment on
> her own than she would ever get from Betan therapy (okay, it's hard to

Betan therapy isn't about finding ultimate fulfillment.  That's what
*Mark* is for, if Kareen and Mark are lucky.  Kareen's choice was about
having a good first (or second, or more) sexual experience.  I bet she
found it more fulfilling than Fawn's time with Sunny.

You're comparing the therapist to Dag, you should be comparing it to

-xx- Damien X-) 

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