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On 9 November 2015 at 00:58, Margaret Devere <margaret at devere.net> wrote:

> <snipping a very interesting discussion on the sequence and timing of
> events
> in Kareen's sexual exploration>
> Kareen's internal dialog could have been either of these:
> - I'm going to take the Betan sex-prep sequence, just because.
> - I know that I want to have sex with Mark, so I'm going to prepare myself.
> I don't think that text-ev tells us which. We do have that teasing line
> "what her parents didn't know about her sampling of Betan possibilities"
> which suggests that Kareen, although loyal to Mark, didn't necessarily
> include sexual exclusivity in her definition of loyalty.
> But can we attribute this much planning to a girl of her age? I bet that
> she
> frequently just did what made sense in the moment and, then, what made
> sense
> in the next moment. As do most of us.
> Margaret

> I would like to suggest that this is really a sort of typical teenage
> rebellion, simliar to a teenager coming from a very conservative closed
> community to a big liberal university in the city, and then trying
> everything that everyone around her does.
Maybe even trying to fit in, and be like everyone else in her college
classes.  (Maybe she even feels she is a bit behind everyone else).

She gets to college, or to Beta. All the young people are walking around
with these earrings, everyone is experienced in one way or another. The
most important things for teenagers (even if she is a little older, it is
the same), is to fit in, and be like everyone else. She must not just have
an earring, she has to have the right ones, the most socially acceptable.
 (i.e. to be cool)
Seen in that light, she has actually made a very sensible and safe choice
to go to a proper clinic to get everything done correctly.

Back to the conservative teenager in college comparison, I am sure young
girls arriving in the city(in our world) might have gone to a family
planning clinic to get the Pill. Some people in our times might have
started smoking or drinking, but the main thing would be to be like
everyone else, and fit in.

(...and Mark, that is another complication...)

Caroline Tabach
ctabach at gmail.com

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