[LMB] Betan control of pregnancy

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 9 14:10:20 GMT 2015

> ES:  Anyone who turns herself (Kareen between Memory and A Civil 
> Campaign) or is turned by others (Tej in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance) 
> to an institution for an officially impelled first sexual experience 
> creeps me out. Neither girl showed a need for therapy.

Both girls seem very happy with the results. I got the impression that Kareen
wanted to build a relationship with Mark, including sex, and very sensibly 
decided to get some training and confidence first. Considering Mark's 
various problems she was probably very wise to get past the nervousness
about sex itself, so that when they got together she could enjoy the 
experience instead of bringing even more tension into the situation. 

Tej saw the training as just one more set of lessons, and enjoyed it. 
Going in to a relationship on JW with ignorance and some anxiety would
put you at a serious disadvantage. You want to Deal from strength.

Neither of them seemed reluctant or pressured, in fact they're both 
quite happy about their experiences.

When the Betan customs are discussed, (and I can't find the textev
right now) it seems to be: lessons - medical - earrings - ice cream.
The hands-on experience could be then, or later, as you wish. With
whatever gender you choose. The emphasis is on doing what's right
for you, and having fun. 

It wouldn't be such a bad system. 

By contrast a more traditional system shows us that Iselle was
 deliberately kept in ignorance, and was trained to accept whoever she 
was given to. She hated being ignorant, it was a weakness. It was just luck
 and a little hard work that brought her such a positive result. Fawn also
 hated being ignorant. And her first experience was less than impressive,
 it brought a shattering problem and betrayal. If she'd stayed home she'd 
have faced even worse bullying from the family, at best she'd have been 
married off to whoever would have her, and be expected to be grateful 
and submissive for the rest of her life. Her plan to get work in Glassforge
 would most likely have ended in drudgery or prostitution.  

If you gave all four women the choice, I think they'd prefer Beta's system.



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