[LMB] Gregor - the study continues

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 9 15:23:07 GMT 2015

My meander through Gregor's life was interrupted by the new book, 
but we're up to an interesting point that echoes the current discussion
on the board. 

Gregor and Miles meet up with Cavilo. (She's kind of Miles's evil twin
which takes the discussion into an area covered already by quite a 
bit of slash fiction.) 

Cavilo sees Gregor as a bundle of possibilities. Gregor does what he has
to, to survive. 

Who seduced who? Was Gregor raped, or did he decide to use sex to 
try to control Cavilo? It seems to have been a simultaneous decision, 
each trying to play the other, but I doubt that Gregor was able to say No.

I also don't think that Cavilo was his first. He was raised by Cordelia, 
bless her Betan heart. I'm sure that she had some excruciatingly
 embarrassing discussions with him (embarrassing for him, not her, of 
course.) I'm sure there was also some pressure for Barrayar's Sire to 
prove that he could, indeed, sire when necessary. 

Gregor had a bit of a wild time when Vordrozda was trying to get control. 
 there was probably some male bonding during visits to assorted courtesans. 
Blokes are like that. 

Years later, when Donna becomes Dono, Ivan asks him if Donna and
Gregor had ever.... The answer was no, but the way it's asked and
answered suggests that there were others. Of course, they could have
been after Cavilo. 

Anyway, I don't think she was his first experience - I certainly hope not.
But Gregor was able to con an experienced con artist. Not easily - "...it
took both hands..."

And despite it all, despite the fact that she was a homicidal psychopath, 
Gregor wished it had been real. He wanted the fairy tale, the fantasy.
Despite all the pressure on him, he waited another decade to get that
happy ending, (er, possibly the wrong word choice, there...)

How important was Cavilo in his life? The Hegen Hub experience was a
turning point for Gregor, but how big a part did Cavilo play? 

Gwynne (Still pondering.)


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