[LMB] Also Gregor: childhood friendships

Pamela Weber pp.weber at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 21:08:11 GMT 2015

I've always wondered about how very isolated and solitary Gregor's life was
up to his twenties.

There is no reference at all about friends at school (5 or 6 years of
boarding school between ages 12 and 17), not even close acquaintances,
classmates or schoolmates. If he really was that antisocial at such a young
age that he made no friends at all, it seems out of character for Cordelia
to have done nothing about what she must have perceived as an abnormality
of development.

I mean, even nowadays, loving parents of such an extremely introverted
child would consult a psicologist, ¿wouldn't they?

And for his life prior to age 12, the part of the much younger "child
cohort" consisting of Miles, Ivan, Elena and the Koudelka girls is hard to
believe. I understand that Aral might have kept other Vor children away
lest their parents try to use their children's friendship to ensure future
favors, but wouldn't agemates among the Armsmen's children have been safe?
Elena certainly was.

It really never made sense to me that Cordelia would accept such an extreme
social isolation in her foster son whom she clearly loved.

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