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> I can't find the textev, please help...
> What are the travel times, Sergyar - Komarr, Komarr- Barrayar,
> and Sergyar-Escobar? I'm sure they're in the text somewhere, but
> I can't find them.

It's useful to keep in mind the fact that the answer is going to vary quite
a bit depending on what type of ship you're going to travel in. A fast
courier or a jump pinnace will get much better speeds than a passenger or
cargo ship.

In addition to the other answers, I have been putting some work into
putting that kind of information into the "Nexus" article on the wikia:

(I ought to put a reference to the map up as well, for visualization help)

The simplest source for Sergyar-Barrayar is Shards of Honor chapter 11
(barely doable in a week at that time), though you have to figure the
decades since then have produced better travel times.

For Komarr - Barrayar, we have that a passenger ship can do the trip in
about three days:
_Komarr_, chapter 15, Professor Vorthys speaking to Ekaterin: "I've heard
from the Professora. She's taken ship on Barrayar, and will be here in
three days time."

So I can subtract and deduce that Sergyar - Komarr is not more than 4 days
if I assume a passenger ship of "now" (Miles about 30) goes about the speed
that a rather heavily laden fast courier going several points past
emergency max of 30 years prior. It's not the best assumption to make, to
be honest, but if you only need numbers of days for accuracy, it'll do
reasonably well.

For Sergyar - Escobar, I don't have anything useful.

Karen Hunt

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