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 Sorry, lost a few people in the snippage...

> > > PW:  I've always wondered about how very isolated and solitary Gregor's life was
> > > up to his twenties.

> > > LMB:  A lot less solitary than you are evidently picturing.

?> > No doubt he had ImpSec vetted playmates. But they all knew he was Emperor. Can?t really
> > pretend he is ?one of the guys? after a certain point. Your hands are between his, as it
> > were.

> Unless it's Miles. To whom "Emperor" means "Big play toy!"

We know that Henri Vorvolk was and remains a close friend. Henri was
a few years ahead of Ivan and Miles at the Academy, so about three years
younger than Gregor. I wonder if they went to the same school, they'd 
have overlapped for a few years. The two much-youngest Counts, maybe 
they even shared transport when they had to go to CoC meetings - I can 
imagine two kids bonding over the shared experience of facing the 
dinosaurs (I HAVE to do that fanfic one day.)

Miles mentions that he doesn't know where Gregor and Laisa are going
after their wedding (smart move on Gregor's part). Possibly to the estate
of a friend. There's also a mention somewhere - can't find it - of Gregor
having a small circle of good friends. 

We mostly see Gregor at major social events, while he's hating every 
minute. But he has a whole life apart from that, and even the Residence
doesn't host receptions every night. Gregor has his circle of good friends, 
plus family - Ivan is on comfortable terms with him (when he delivers 
Mark, Gregor has to practically push Ivan out the door), he has Miles - 
more so after Miles becomes an auditor. And Gregor does have a strong
bond with Miles, he has some very open-hearted conversations with him, 
after Hegen Hub and during the courtship with Laisa. Gregor is also a regular
visitor to Vorkosigan House (I love it in CVA when the Emperor is 
abandoned in the library to read a book while his hosts chase their children
all over the house. He no doubt enjoys the lack of formality. He was
just lucky he had to wait for Ivan and Tej, or Miles would have had him
on the child-chase squad.)

As a child I'm sure Gregor played with carefully chosen playmates. (And
there's another big source of power for Alys - who do you think would do
the choosing? Ohhh wow the power of deciding whose kids get to have
a playdate with the emperor!) As a few people have pointed out, there'd
 always be the 'take care, he's the EMPEROR' factor going on with those
children. Somehow Miles plays it differently - he's well aware that Gregor
 is emperor, he's wholeheartedly dedicated to serving him, but with Miles 
that doesn't become subservient, it's more ...bossy. (It's no wonder Gregor 
was a quiet child. Half the time he was just exhausted from being around Miles.) 


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