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> The whole situation with Cavilo makes me think Gregor, at least, does make
> use of whatever male contraceptive implant tech is available.  He knows too
> well the hazards of having a bastard heir running loose in the nexus, even
> without having crazy mad ambitious Cavilo for a mom. And with an Empire for
> a kid to inherit, who'd trust even a saint when she claims she has a
> working implant/took her meds/whatever.
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Actually, I think as Margaret Devere wrote about Kareen in the other
"<....... I bet that she
frequently just did what made sense in the moment and, then, what made sense
in the next moment. As do most of us. "

This whole thing is part of Gregor's adolescent rebellion.

I don't think he was thinking too much right then.
I think that he also may have thought that here is someone who likes him
for himself.

In addition, for some reason I received the impression that she was a much
older woman, and therefore he may have thought that he did not have to
worry about pregnancy.

Don't forget that he has just done the most stupid things, nearly committed
suicide, ran away. I don't think he is able again to make cool calculations
about not leaving unexpected progeny around.

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