Pamela Weber pp.weber at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:05:59 GMT 2015

> Aruvqan: ...I can't be the only person here who has read encyclopedias
> and dictionaries for fun!

Does wikipedia count? My preferred time-sink. I also use it for
translating, it's a terrific source for technical jargon. Yet I'm old
enough to remember drooling over the 100 heavy tomes of the Encyclopaedia
Britannica in the my University's Library and how it was a more impressive
treasure (in my view) than the most expensive Chinese vase or original
painting... and very few students even looked at it, since it was in

And yes, online bilingual dictionaries can be addictive, following those
lovely lovely links and forgetting what you're working on. Languages
reflect culture, it's a little like living having a glimpse into the mind
of a minority language-group. Wouldn't language also be an educational
barrier for poor Barrayaran children, in addition to the lack of com


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