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Thu Nov 12 21:36:58 GMT 2015

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 12:05 PM, Pamela Weber <pp.weber at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yet I'm old enough to remember drooling over the 100 heavy tomes of the
> Encyclopaedia
> Britannica in the my University's Library and how it was a more impressive
> treasure (in my view) than the most expensive Chinese vase or original
> painting... and very few students even looked at it, since it was in
> English...

...and filled with inaccuracies.  Having seen the sorts of articles that
manage to get into such sources on subjects I know something about, I can
only extrapolate about the subjects I *don't* know about - and would be
better served by multiple competing sources rather than one 'authoritative'

Matt G.

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