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Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Tue Nov 17 00:33:38 GMT 2015

On Tue, 17 Nov 2015, M R L Dolbear wrote:

> From: Harvey Fishman
> Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 10:49 PM
>> Baen has some wierd algorithms for their ebook encoding. I just downloaded
> the seven books in the December 2015 bundle and the file sizes are crazy.
> I download .mobi, .epub, and .lrf because of varied readers that I have.
> The total sizes for the seven files are
>    .mobi       11,923,456
>    .epub    4,599,808
>    .lrf    5,435,392
>> Obviously their encoding algorithm for .mobi is REALLY inefficient.
> All .ePubs are zipped as defined, .mobi isn't
> If you download the zipped version you will see the result with some .mobis 
> about twice the size. and some equal.
> This has been going on for some years now.
> At a guess the difference is the cover art or the result of the .mobi variant 
> tagged as 'Both' which contains two different formats in one container.
> If this bothers you you can convert the ePub to .mobi with Calibre in any way 
> you wish.
> Little Egret by email (Windows Live Mail)
> Michael Dolbear in Walton-on-Thames

My real problem here is that the .epub and .lrf readers have provision for
an SD card to extend the storage space so I do not worry very much about
files sizes. But the Kindle has a fixed internal storage that cannot be
expanded other than buying the next generation Kindle. I have had to resort
to this twice in the past but it is tiresome (and expensive).


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