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This whole thread makes me exceptionally glad that I run  my ebook  library off my home PC and Calibre, and my ereader is an app on my phone.

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>>> That must be an awful lot of books - how many books does it take to fill 
>>> up a Kindle?

>> Around 2,000.

>> I don't keep all mine on the Kindle, it makes finding them a pain.  It
>> could really do with (at least) another level of indexing....

>>> I don’t need my whole digital library on a Kindle, a few hundred books 
>>> is fine, with the rest on my backed up computer available as needed.

>> Quite.  Both on Amazon's cloud (where appropriate) and on Calibre.

> None of my e-readers make it easy to find books - and sometimes they 
> unaccountably sort incorrectly.

I found that some Kindle books sorted by author last name and some by first 

It seems the metadata has a sort key which isn't always as you might expect.

Calibre, I am told, can fix it as well as allowing adding a series marker.

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