[LMB] More Gregor

Pamela Weber pp.weber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 01:24:25 GMT 2015

>  - most impressive of all - he was able to boss Aral Vorkosigan
> around. Once, but pretty impressively. Aral really, really REALLY didn't
> want to sail into battle with the Emperor on board, but Gregor grabbed
> the only chance he was ever going to get to see real military action.
> Giving Aral orders, that he didn't want to obey, and getting his own
> way - a touch of Ezar there? Gregor really did grow up, and it wasn't
> just the bedroom action.

I think this is very Gregor, not at all Ezar. Ezar was a master
manipulator, Gregor was just being assertive. The reason it worked,
(Gregor's newly developed self-assurance aside) is that Aral didn't really
fight him on this. As Prime Minister, he didn't like his emperor's orders,
but he had to follow them. So, while Gregor indeed matured a lot, he had
the breathing space to do so, and that is Aral's and Cordelia's doing.

At some point, I think, Aral says something to the point that he (and
Cordelia) would have failed if they had raised the emperor to adulthood and
then not let him be emperor in more than just name. So Aral really never
had a choice other than to obey.

But that, in a sense, happened in the Warrior's Apprentice, too. Aral
letting Gregor make his own, very costly, mistakes. A very hands-off
parenting/mentoring method that sounds very Cordelia-ish. I wonder whether
Aral would have been such a good father/fosterfather without her.

(not my clearest argument but my current headache doesn't allow me to be

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