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Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Fri Nov 20 02:12:00 GMT 2015

At 02:45 PM 11/19/2015, Aruvqan wrote:
>I keep all my old programs [heck, out in the barn I still have
>my Amigas 1000 and 500 and their programs...] so I can rummage
>my archives. I got into the habit of archiving because I have
>never trusted the whole 'just redownoad' and 'cloud storage'
>crap that things have been changing to. 

I'm not a big fan of depending on redownloading things. Given
the size of modern hard drives there is generally no reason not
to keep the install files for anything you might ever want
again. If it is under your control, you don't have to worry
about it going away because of someone else's decisions. The
reality of it is that most people don't keep all their install
files though, either because they don't know enough to do so, or
because they don't think they'll need a particular one again, or
because they made a mistake at some point and somehow lost the
file. Sometimes people never had the real install files to begin
with. The prevalence of online installers is problematic where
that's concerned. 

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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