[LMB] Very sad Tixie.

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Sat Nov 21 04:01:48 GMT 2015

It was all going so well (livestock issues aside).

I was so pleased with myself.  I took the information from the
spreadsheet provided by Tixie Command, and made entries in my Google

And I'd have got away with it too, if it weren't for... 

... no, wrong trope.

If I'd remembered to set a notification!  

Damn damn damn.

Those I have Wronged are:

Paula Matuszek, whose birthday was on the 17th; she was 69.
My apologies, Paula - perhaps a repeat visit to the Orb, this time with
the "Platinum" package?  

Happy belated birthday.

Lois Aleta "The Other Lois" Fundis, on the 18th, she was 55.
My apologies, Lois - perhaps we can find something special for you? I do
so hate to get on the wrong side of librarians.

How about some Galactic tech- a module that will back-trace
telemarketers, take over their phone systems, and play musak at them
until they drool?
A copy of Encyclopedia Galactica for your collection?  
A trip to the great publishing houses of Ursa Minor Beta?  No, dammit,
wrong universe.    Mind you, they'll all be connected via L-space!
So - how about an "access all areas" L-space pass.  Unless you have one

Happy belated birthday!

I shall try to do better in the future.

If I mess up again, I may have to tear off my wings and fall on my wand.

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