[LMB] Desert vs dessert; was: Birthday greetings

Susan Waltman goodwoof at cox.net
Mon Nov 23 03:06:54 GMT 2015

LucyC wrote:
I would definitely like desert at that restaurant that Auditor Vorthys enjoyed..
the ones with candied pecans! That wasn't Solstice, was it? Never mind.. I'm
willing to travel for a good desert.

I have to carol:
My salukis (Persian greyhounds) think a "good desert" is an arid landscape which harbors chaseable critters like jackrabbits!
Most humans would consider candied pecans to be a good dessert...

Susan and the salukis Quiz & Hickory (who had to settle for hunting plastic bags on a powered string today, Lure Coursing, and are now doing their best Live Fur imitations, next to/ on top of me in bed, aka Persian rug mode)

Susan and salukis
northern Virginia

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