[LMB] Deserts, was Birthday Greetings

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 24 14:28:53 GMT 2015

> From: "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com>

> Most of California is technically a desert.
> Ozzies--how about your home? I think by mere rainfall (as in lack thereof), you'd qualify. There's also the hot day/cold night metric, which we meet. You?

Ha! We have PROPER desert. None of this 'technically' a desert, 
or cold desert, or whatever. We have full-on hot-as-Hades all day, 
cold-enough-to-freeze-you all night deserts, rain-once-a-decade
deserts. Sand dunes that go on for miles, and gibber deserts - small
stones (Central Oz used to be the bottom of an inland sea.)

It's interesting to stand in the middle of nowhere and see the land go
flat to the horizon in all directions, broken only by the few buildings
of the tiny settlement. (Oodnadatta.  Trust me, it's nowhere.)

When I was about 12 my family hired a small plane and a pilot, and we
flew through the centre of Australia. Broken Hill, Oodnadatta, 
Alice Springs, Mt Isa, Charleyville, back home. It's fascinating to see the
desert laid out below you. 

 Then a few years ago I too the Ghan (it's a train, and a marvellous one)
that goes Darwin - Adelaide, right through the centre. You see the 
desert changing as you go along. Marvellous. 

But yes, we have desert, Big. REALLY big. Most of the continent, one way
or another. The sky is bigger out there, too.


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