[LMB] flimsys?

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Tue Nov 24 23:24:18 GMT 2015

From: Rebecca Price
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 3:37 PM

RP> I figured flimseys were like onion skin paper, like they used to use for 
air mail letters.

Non-paper paper ?

Barrayar, ch 11. Major Amor Klyeuvi (Kly the post).

Piotr grinned, as if at some private joke. "You have any rations on you?"

" 'Course." The old man smirked, and turned to rummage in one of his 
saddlebags. He came up with a package of raisins in a discarded plastic 
flimsy, some little cakes of brownish crystals wrapped in leaves, and what 
looked like a handful of strips of leather, again in a twist made of a used 
plastic flimsy.
Cordelia caught a heading, Update of Postal Regluations C6.77a, modified 
6/17. File Immediately In Permanent Files.

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