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> > Barrayar, ch 11. Major Amor Klyeuvi (Kly the post).
> Kly the mail, IIRC. Maybe a different translation? The Barrayar Vor
> apparently speak a language close to American Standard English, because
> of the wordplay.

> For example Tej when she and Rish are hiding in Ivan’s rented Komarran
> pad, observes that beer instead to the good wine, would have gone
> with the rat bar “more stoutly”. As invertebrate[1] punster I should
> have picked that one up on first read.

In general, you're supposed to imagine that somebody has performed a truly
superb translation from future-speak into modern "whatever the author's
language is".

> I just reread Ivan’s Alliance. I just twigged to the fact that Ivan Xav’s
> stunner was mentioned in Chapter I.[2] Personally coded hand grip, I should
> have been on alert for a reappearance of same. Even after Ivan explained
> before the descent into the treasure room, I needed to be told again after
> Ivan charged the hired meat. By now this is anachronistic as we have those
> today and I can’t believe that Barrayar is that far behind for military
> equipment 20 years into Gregor’s rein[1]. (Do they count from Ezar’s death,
> or when the regency ended. I would think from his becoming Emperor de jure,
> rather than de facto.)

There are real decisions to be made here first. Do you want your comrades
to be able to pick up your weapon when you go down? If so, don't have
personally-coded-hand-grips. (Granted, you might do well with a database of
known accepted handprints in your stunner if that's your planet's choice,
thus preventing enemies from using them. Then one spins out more
complicated scenarios in which a person wants to hand their stunner or
other weapon to a non-soldier - usually a bad idea, but that's what
complicated scenarios were designed to address anyway.)

It appears Barrayar is only giving personally-coded stunners out to
officers. (a spoiler comment could go here, but I want to keep this
untangled, so not happening)

Karen Hunt

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