[LMB] flimsys? added stout and gun

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From: Walter S Bushell
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LE >> Barrayar, ch 11. Major Amor Klyeuvi (Kly the post).

> Kly the mail, IIRC. Maybe a different translation? The Barrayar Vor
apparently speak a language close to American Standard English, because
of the wordplay.

That just shows the excellence of the translation - find Jabberwocky in 
French or German

> equipment 20 years into Gregor’s rein[1]. (Do they count from Ezar’s 
> death,
or when the regency ended. I would think from his becoming Emperor de jure,
rather than de facto.)

Everyone agreed that Gregor was Emperor (though Vordarian has plans) and his 
birthday marked the end of the new tax year.

So the Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor.

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