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My meander through Gregor's development continues.

So, after years, and years, and years of waiting, Gregor finally
finds Love. And Laisa.

Alys thinks that Gregor fell for Laisa because she was curvy, 
and 'maternal'. But I disagree with that...

Gregor was primed to fall for Laisa. He had to find someone, he
knew that. He didn't want Vor, because of his fears of inbreeding
and genetic problems (which wouldn't be a problem at all, with 
gene cleaning, but his fears were deeper than logic on that one.)
Choosing a prole would lead to a few problems politically, and 
Gregor was well aware of the tightrope he walked every day. 

Laisa ticked a lot of boxes. She wasn't Vor, but she was top of the 
heap on her planet. She was Komarran, which was a good political 
choice. Cultured, smart, attractive - a bell went off in Gregor's head 
(or somewhere) and told him this was a good choice. So he was in love.

But I think it was more that just 'here's a suitable one'. Gregor was
raised by Aral and Cordelia. He probably spent more time with Aral
than Miles did. Miles spends a lot of his life trying to emulate Aral, 
or to be worthy of him. Gregor also got a full dose of Aral when he
was growing up, it's not hard to believe that he also wanted to 
follow in his mentor's footsteps, when he could. 

Or maybe he just saw that Aral and Cordelia were happy. He needed
some happiness. 

Aral married a woman from another planet. She was smart, very 
non-Barrayaran in attitudes. Also, when Ekaterin bounces off Aral 
he notes how nicely bouncy she is - the old Barrayaran view of beauty
that admires women who can survive a minor famine, and Laisa
is definitely curvy and nicely padded. 

Aral took one look at Cordelia, who ticked HIS boxes, and he was in 
love. Gregor was raised on that story, so when he found someone who
was just right for him, and  like Cordelia in many ways, he was primed
to fall, hard and fast. 

Fortunately for him, Laisa is also programmed. Like him, she has to 
marry someone due to dynastic pressure. She has a romantic streak, 
she's waiting for her prince to sweep her off her feet. And she finds
one. Basically they share the same problems in finding a suitable 
partner, and wanting the bells and whistles of a great romance, and
they suit each other's checklists perfectly.

Once he's found his target Gregor goes for it. He's delightfully 
insecure, he drives everyone crazy trying to win Laisa, who was won
from the start. I love the scene in Memory when Gregor asks Miles's
advice about marrying Laisa, especially when it comes right in the 
middle of all the angst over Miles losing the Admiral, and his job, and
his sense of self. But he's still Gregor's brother, and when he needs
reassurance, Miles is a good support - as he has been in a few other
Gregorian crises. 

We see glimpses through the wedding, Gregor is grimly determined 
to get through it all. After that we don't see much of him in the books, 
and he's come through most of the hurdles in his life. Maybe from 
this point, any personal support he needs will come from Laisa, not 
Miles so much. We do see him being comfortably ignored in Vorkosigan
House, reading a book in the library while his hosts search for their
children, when Ivan brings Tej to meet him. He's relaxed and obviously
a regular visitor. 

At Aral's funeral he's coping as well as everyone else - grim and shaken, 
but dealing with it. 

Gregor's next big emotional hurdle is fatherhood, which knowing Gregor
and his family history, would open up a few interesting vistas of angst.
Or not, if Laisa is able to balance him. But since Lois hasn't told us ANYTHING
about that, except a stray mention of 'the boys' - so he has at least two 
sons - we're still in limbo on that one.

We will wait. Patiently.  A bit.



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