[LMB] What I read on my winter vacation

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Mon Jan 11 14:47:32 GMT 2016

I tried to read Gormenghast when I was in college.  It completely failed to 
engage me and I gave up some part of the way into the first book.  The only 
things I remember about are that it failed to grab me/it failed to interest 
me, I didn't find any of settings, situation, or characters interesting and 
whatever plot there might have been was also not intriguing enough to me for 
me to bother continuing reading.

--Paula Lieberman
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Gretchen mentions several interesting books she read, and included this
> http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2014/aug/16/gormenghast-mas
> terpiece-mervyn-peake

I read Gormenghast a few years ago, and it's a tour de force. However, while
appreciating the writing and the sweep of the story and the sheer brilliance
of the imagination, I didn't enjoy it. Too dark and unrelieved for me;
whatever was present of love and beauty was overwhelmed.



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