[LMB] What I read on my winter vacation

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Mon Jan 11 14:57:23 GMT 2016

I find it the same. There are some quite interesting parts, but a lot of 
um, not quite filler, but long winded sections where nothing really 
engaging happens. I stuck with it for all 3 books because it came highly 
recommended and the interesting bits were sort of buried in the boring 
so just about when I would be ready to shelf it, something would pop up 
and I would decide to keep reading.

I did watch the 2000 TV mini series, and was also underwhelmed. It isn't 
something I would recommend to read or watch unless I know the person is 
really patient and a [for lack of a better word] completionist in that 
type of literature and might find it interesting historically as it were.

On 1/11/2016 9:47 AM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> I tried to read Gormenghast when I was in college.  It completely 
> failed to engage me and I gave up some part of the way into the first 
> book.  The only things I remember about are that it failed to grab 
> me/it failed to interest me, I didn't find any of settings, situation, 
> or characters interesting and whatever plot there might have been was 
> also not intriguing enough to me for me to bother continuing reading.

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