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(I removed the OT: marker, Komarr and Ijada are NOT offtopic! )

"Mystic River Bridge" includes internal context --  Mystic River denotes a 
place even if I don't know what that place is, of a -river-. There is a 
river, called "Mystic"  "Mystic" is a word which denotes a concept, of 
mysticism/mystical feeling -- there's an evocation of senses, which is 
contextual.  Why the river has the name mystic, I don't know... but there 
are sensations which associate with "mystic" and that is a context tie/tag.

(Mystic River) Bridge donates a bridge which is over the Mystic River. 
When talking about Boston area traffic, and major roads' condition, that 
narrowed the locus down to a particular -large- bridge of US 1...

"Tobin Bridge" gives NO sense of location or sensation of relationship to 
whatever the hell "Tobin" might mean--it's a random name of some dead white 
male politician....

I remember which book "Komarr" is, because the title of the book refers to 
the planet the books takes place in the vicinity of, and the name of the 
planet appears elsewhere in the series, which provides -some- contextual 
associations otherwise....

I've seen the name "Ijada" here frequently enough to associate it with is it 
The Hallowed Hunt?  But were I in a conversation with someone else who was 
not on the list and who was consciously or unconciously expecting me to know 
the names of characters in films or books I've never read or maybe read 
once.... ugh.

I get cranky about Dr Who references, because I am very definitely NOT a 

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Jan 11, 2016, at 8:17 AM, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> I mentioned Hertz above, there was no reason for "Hertz" to adhere as 
> pointer to cycles per second, which latter is a clear and 
> direct -description-.  "Hertz" is an abstraction or rather, it's smeone's 
> name, arbitrarily applied to replace a direct description, and 
> requires -effort- and translation and MEMORY.
> That's how bad, or perhaps idiosyncratic my memory is.  So, I dislike 
> Holmesian/Doylist, hated it when the Mystic River Bridge got renamed to 
> the Tobin Bridge, and Lin Yutang Fairy means -nothing- to me and get in 
> the WAY of communicating information
> to me about what it is SUPPOSED to mean.

Of course, “Mystic River Bridge” is also abstraction "arbitrarily applied to 
replace a direct description, and requires -effort- and translation and 

Names have value.    That said, names are difficult for me, even names of my 
favorite books and characters.    Now which book is Komarr?  Who is Ijada? 
It’s a fault of mine that irritates me.
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