[LMB] Baen Website Supposed to Change on Monday US Time.

Martin Bonham martin at bonham.net.nz
Fri Jan 15 22:31:41 GMT 2016

Just unlurking to let people know that Baen's websites will be changing on 
Monday the 18th (US Time).

At least according to Baen's IT staff from Principled Technologies,
Monday is the current Target for taking the new Site Live.

I note that is only 2 days after the finished eBook edition of 
_Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen_ should be available to download.
(and to purchase and download for single eBook buyers)

Now of course, nothing ever goes wrong when such website changes occur, (grin).
So I am prompted to suggest that just in case of glitches, people might be well 
advised to download their copies of GJ&RQ and/or the February Monthly Bundle as 
soon as it is available and before the new site goes live.

As one of the Volunteer Testers who has been using the testing version of the 
new site I am familiar with what is coming, but it isn't clear to me how the 
changes will be implemented. (I have asked but not yet received a reply).

I don't know if the current eBookstore site will be kept running in parallel 
with the new one for a period, or if the current site will just redirect to the 

It don't know if the new site will use existing passwords.
It may be that people need to look for an emailed temporary password before 
being able to access their eBooks via the new site (that is how it has worked 
in testing).

The new site has as much of the look and feel of the current one as possible.
It is a merger into one of www.Baen.com and www.baenebooks.com.

Even with the the merger of the two sites the main change has not been to the 
front end, but to the eBookstore's back end, the ecommerce engine.
That has changed from http://www.aspdotnetstorefront.com/
to https://magento.com/products/enterprise-edition

As mentioned above I don't know how they are planning to handle redirects from 
urls and links to the current eBookstore - if links to an individual eBook on 
the current site will still goto a single book's page or just to the new home 

Urls for the new site have lost the Product Code p-nnnn first part of the url 
and are now just the book title.
(There is a mostly hidden new book ID number, which is mostly close to, but not 
the same as the old P-code.)


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