[LMB] Time Fairy, was What I read on my winter vacation

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I think we should treat ourselves like a fine wine. The older we get or
vintage improves.
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> > I suggest the Mind Fairy. Because our minds develop as we age. We add new
> > experiences and insights along the way and when  we reread a old favorite
> > we see it in a new light. I could call it "we can never go home
> syndrome,"
> > but I wont.
> >     Sadly our tastes change and when we do read our old favorites it's
> > because we want to recapture that sense of adventure.
> >     I've been reading Andre Norton's Time Traders series which I hadn't
> > read for a long time and now see it in a totally different view then I
> did
> > back then. The same goes for Ann McCaffery, James Blish, even, sigh,
> Roger
> > Zelazny.
> That’s part of the paradox of immortality.    Our identity is of changing
> beings.    None of us are the same people we were when we were young.    We
> believe we are pretty much now who we are and underestimate how much we
> will change in the future.    We also view our societal values with these
> filtered glasses.
> Authors of our youth wrote SF of our youth for the society of our youth.
>   One way to look at how we changed is to revisit the books that moved us
> back then.
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