[LMB] Baen Website Supposed to Change on Monday US Time.

Martin Bonham martin at bonham.net.nz
Sun Jan 17 22:39:56 GMT 2016

In a post I read in Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 128, Issue 26
Gordon Jackson <gordon at gordonj.net> asked
> Do you know if complete purchase histories will be retained or will
> purchases be amalgamated into one big list as they were when the site last
> changed in 2006? 

Retained as far as I know, but it is still a great idea to have copies of the 
old receipts.

During the Beta Testing of the new site the New version of the Order History  
was retaining the complete purchase Histories to match the current site.
That is the single Big Legacy one from the previous version, and then all the 
separate orders since them were retained as separate orders in the new one.

So there should be are links for NEW versions of Receipts and Download links 
for all the individual orders since the legacy one using the new urls.

Being as it was a rewrite to mostly look the same as before, there were some 
issues with bugs, which may have been fixed by now, but as an outsider I don't 
guarantee they have got them all.

Perhaps just specific to me, at least one previously purchased product (e.g. 
VIP membership)  that no longer exist in the new site, but appear on current 
receipts, have vanished from the new versions of the old receipts on the new 
Another Bug discovered during Beta Testing was that the calculation of price on 
the newly generated version of the old receipt for the legacy order was wrong.  
The total was two or three times too high for bundle purchasers, as they were 
totalling the price of the bundle and the price of all the individual ebooks in 
the bundle along with all individual purchases to get the total price paid.
Rather obvious when one saw the receipt saying you had purchased multiple 
copies of books when the system prevents that happening (except as books repeat 
in bundles) .

Personally I think that copies of original receipts should always be saved, 
rather than generating them denovo years later from the database records of 
what you purchased in the past.

One big improvement to the Account page, is that there is an added section at 
the bottom listing current valid Gift Cards, if you have received some, that 
give Balances, and offer a button to redeem them direct into micropay credits.


Martin Bonham, Auckland, (Aotearoa) New Zealand.

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