[LMB] Breaking social demands as virtue was Ivan & GregorRe: Time Fairy, was What I read on my winter vacation

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> On Jan 16, 2016, at 20:29, Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think we should treat ourselves like a fine wine. The older we get or
> vintage improves.

At some point in Doonesbury one of the rich trophy wife collectors mentions
his wives “aging out”. Perhaps at a certain age they can no longer put up with
his ego. This could show up as Ivan notes with the failure of his relations with
faking orgasms or even failing to fake orgasms, so the man loses interest.

Perhaps Ivan deserves kudos for failing to settle for societies pressure to 
mary the socially proper way appropriate age etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (sick [sic]).
Also Gregor, of course, where the pressure was much more intense.

Who was it who said, “Gays are just fine, but would you want your sister to marry one.
If sis is lesbian it could work for social cover, of course. Some parts of America are
still very backwards in this regard, not to mention countries under Dar Islam, for 
What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public.
Vilhjalmur Stefansson (1879 - 1962), "Discovery", 1964

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