[LMB] Penric's Demon pre-discussion

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 11:33:50 GMT 2016

So, I came to Bujold after the Vorkosigan

novellas were collected into Dreamweaver’s Dilemma and Borders of Infinity. So,

for me, reading a stand-alone novella was a (ahem) novel experience. The other

thing that is new is that the book was only available in e-format. 
The only thing I have to say about the

novella length is that it definitely was a teaser. I felt the story was

complete in itself. It wasn’t a cliffhanger. But it did have a feeling of “more

to come.” I’d rather have a novella than nothing, that’s for sure. But I got

the feeling that many people felt they were offered appetizers with the banquet

scheduled for a different time continuum. 
I have more to say about the e-format.

Originally, I was highly skeptical that I could ever come to love e-reading. I

still think the printed book has the wonderful advantages of 1) no start-up

time (open the book, and you are reading!), and 2) you can physically abuse a

book a lot more in a wide variety of not-very-nice atmospheres. Not optimal for

the book, but a book won’t explode in a shower of sparks and fire. 
But e-reading has some nice advantages,

too. I read on a Kindle app for my computer. Pulling up the story can be

accomplished in less than three minutes from a shut-down computer. I love the

way I can fill up the margins of an e-book, and still have room for more notes.

And those notes are legible! And searchable! 
Sadly, I can’t share the ebook easily with

my friends. But I can send even the most far-flung friends a link to the sample

section, so there’s that. 
Discussion of section one to come in about

15-18 hours. (-: Please sign up for later sections! 

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