[LMB] Penric's Demon pre-discussion

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 00:00:13 GMT 2016

My sympathies for that, Gwynne. I know that when I do a search on my PC, only 
Penric-related documents come up, not the Kindle book itself. My library is only 
about 30 or 40 books. I don't know what I'll do if it gets over 100 and becomes 
unwieldy to browse through the cover thumbnails. I can stuff them in categories, 
but that will only help until I get about 1000 ebooks. After that, the categories 
will get unwieldy too. 

Another thought came to me this morning. In a way, ebooks belong to me in a way 
paper books never will. When I have a paper book, I always feel like I'm curating 
it. A friend may be reading it next month, or 50 years from now, a stranger may 
be annoyed by my random underlines and chicken-scratching in the margins. Ebooks 
are mine to mark up. 

On the other hand, how many of my ebooks will survive this computer? How easy will 
I find it to transfer everything over? How worthwhile will I find it? Penric will 
come over one way or the other. But there are quite a few books that I won't want 
to waste shiny new computer space on. 

This is a plus -- it's easier to discard ebooks because I'm not curating them. 


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