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On Jan 21, 2016 12:15 PM, Bob <dcsobob at gmail.com> wrote:
> gotta do some back reading....I thought most of that was just typical Vor 
> posturing. 
> On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 11:39 AM, Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote: 
> > We know that Aral is bisexual from way back in the very first book: 
> > Shards of Honor. And then in Barrayar there is some more detail.

Beatrice Otter:
Well, the Vor do posture a lot.  And certainly Vordarian was using Aral's sexuality that way in Barrayar!  But why would Cordelia have responded in kind?  She's Betan, where bisexuality is openly acknowledged!  Also, there's that whole thing from with Ges Vorrutyer, who used to be Aral's lover back when they were young men.  That's why he was so obsessed with Aral.  Aral's the one that got away, the one who saw how twisted and cruel he was and got the heck out of dodge.  Then later, there's the scene where Cordelia and Mark are talking (forgot which book) and Mark asks about Aral's sexuality because Galen used that in Mark's conditioning as a child.  Cordelia responds that Aral is bisexual, more attracted to men than women, and really has a thing for soldiers, which made her (a woman soldier) the solution to a dilemma for him.

*Miles* is the one who heard rumors that his dad was bi or gay or otherwise a pervert and dismissed them as malicious gossip.  That's mentioned at least once.  (Vor Game, during the thing with Cavilo holding Gregor prisoner?)  But the thing is, while Miles' POV is very strong and he has a deep habit of drawing people in to his way of seeing things, and he is perceptive about *some* types of things, there is a lot that he just misses.  You always have to remember, reading a Bujold book, that the main characters are seldom 100% reliable in their perceptions, and Miles is more of an unreliable narrator than most, because he's shaping the world around him on both a conscious and unconscious level.  It's really easy to get sucked into Miles' understanding of the world, but there's a lot you miss when you do.

Beatrice Otter

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