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Section One Notes:
>>So my first question is, what do you think of Penric’s thoughts on marriage? (Please note if you read in the romance genre or not – I think it’d be very interesting to compare reactions.) Is he practical? Or does he just think he’s practical? Have you ever seen a man worrying about disappointing a bride in literature before? <<

Romance reader here: In Heyer, we have one or two men who've married a very young woman, Hero and Leonie come to mind. They worry about the bride's comfort, from a much older man's standpoint, with Avon having worried more about taking advantage of Léonie's youth and hero-worship.

Where the groom is of lower station than the bride, the groom is likely to worry about embarrassing her (Sherry Cobb-South's blustery cit) by not being "up to snuff" in attire, manners, breeding, and nouveau-riche-ness.

His journey is delayed when they come upon an old woman, collapsed on the road. Her attendants seem useless. Fate has a heavy hand on the reins here; the Learned Ruchia was persuaded to travel against her better judgement and is returning late; we learn that Penric is late, as well. I’m reminded of vampires somehow when Penric says, “Let me serve you in your need, Learned.” They can’t enter unless you invite them in . . . . 

>>But who accepted? Ruchia, or her demon? At any rate, with a babble of women’s voices rushing into his head with Ruchia’s death, he passes out, overwhelmed.<< 

I tend to favor the demon(s) having chosen.

>>But, the subtext of those worries have everything to do with the real story. We often spend a lot of life worrying about situations that don’t happen – it’s interesting to think that our thought processes aren’t wasted, but applied to different situations that do happen. LOL, or does that only take place in fiction? 

IME, happens in real life.


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