[LMB] PEN Penic's Demon Section One Discussion

mmjustus at mmjustus.com mmjustus at mmjustus.com
Fri Jan 22 00:00:15 GMT 2016

> And it does become clear that several of Desdemona's components do pay
particular attention to clothing as illustated by the second thing she says 
him.  "Pretty boy.  ...  Gift of sorts. But those colors don´t suit you, you 

For some reason I did not get around to reading Penric's Demon until last 
night, in spite of having downloaded it the day it became available.  First 
time I've ever done *that* with a Lois book.

Anyway, my first thought on Desdemona's "components", so to speak, was 
mentally hearing Ivan Vorpatril yelping, twelve old lady dragons *in your 
brain*???  Better you than me, Penric!


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