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On Jan 21, 2016, at 03:48 PM, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
Pretty, sensitive, and rather be reading, I grant you. But the amount 
of exercise most of our ancestors routinely got through in the course of 
an average day's activities would leave most of us floored.

and they could eat those huge farm-style meals that most of us shouldn't, due to the difference in caloric expenditure!
(It sometimes seems to me that the sort of heavy, muscular good looks 
that men _think_ women admire, are actually the looks that men 
admire/aspire to. Projecting?

I think so. In the animal world it is often the beta or delta males that end up impregnating more females per capita. In the romance world, human beta and delta males get just as much female admiration and attention. Shall we say, nerds & geeks?

>>Women had to go draw bishōnen for themselves.)<<

My son would know this term more than I. However, on an episode of the TV series Bones (with Whedon alum David B, still too angsty for me), there is an androgynous, or bishōnen forensic doctor, who many of the lab are dying to know what physical gender thon is. Oddly enough, the head Botticelli's Venus is quite androgynous, and I remember from college, a young countertenor (my fave male range) who had that face with somewhat shorter hair. He'd had bad acne in his youth, but oh, his voice, eyes, and sweet smile.

>>Ta, L. Sessile.<<

Moi aussi.

Marina, reclined but not on her recamier. Should I ever replace it, no tufted upholstery, and a different back.

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