[LMB] PEN Penric's Demon Section One Discussion

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Fri Jan 22 02:31:28 GMT 2016

I'm on the road today, between Denver and Albuquerque, and don't have access to all my books.

But it occurred to me that Penric's Demon and Curse of Chalion both open with our main character on the road. And not just going from Place A to Place B, but going from a past way of life into a new, unknown way of life. Both Penric and Cazaril are aware of it, and willing to do their best.

I'm not much of a literary critic, but it seems to me that these two books are using the same symbol or metaphor.

I don't remember clearly the first scene of either Paladin of Souls or Hallowed Hunt, but it seems that Ista may also be on the road, but not actually leaving yet. She's out on a practice journey.

And, now that I ponder HH, I think that the first scene shows Ingrey on the road.

If true, that strengthens my point -- that "on the road" is a good place to join up with the main character. Something new is about to happen...


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