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A post I read in Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 128, Issue 38
Continued the Discussion of Colours 

Brad Jones <brad at kazrak.com> wrote:
> The Daughter is the least obvious of the Four, I think - it always makes me
> think of the bright blue of a spring morning, or possibly the blue of a
> robin's egg.

Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net>
> Penric thinking of those particular colors brought up my question.
> So what color(s) will look good on Penric now? (I suppose he won?t have a lot of
> choice what to wear).

Later in the Book, he actually chooses a Blue Ribbon to go in his hair.

(Unless it was chosen because it was the cheapest)

Desdemona drew a long breath. "Think of how a good rider maintains his favorite 
horse. Brushed and glossy and well fed. Sound shoes. Carefully exercised and 
trained, and taken out for fast gallops. Ribbons braided in its mane,
... A steed to be proud of ... 
"In short," said Desdemona briskly, "as we have never had an actual lord 
before, could you at least try to dress like one?"

"Most of the goods displayed were far beyond his means, but he negotiated for a 
bit of ribbon about the length of his arm without doing his little stock of 
coins too much damage. He found the mirror provided for customers to hold the 
cloth up to their faces, and braided the blue silk band through his queue. He 
turned his head and waited."
"Pretty!" murmured Desdemona.


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