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> Not sure when Penric is set, but Chalion seems equivalent to the mid
> 1400s.  Late Medieval, almost Early Modern, new silver mines had been
> found in Europe, and of course the Americas were about to blow thingis
> wide open.

I refuse to commit to particular years in a fantasy setting that only
partially connects to the One True Earth, but...

Audar can be matched roughly with Charlemagne of about 800 CE/AD

The we have Hallowed Hunt, chapter 2, which says:
Following, perhaps, the ebb and flow of the Darthacan Quintarian war
against the forest heresies that had so disrupted the kin lands, four
centuries ago when Audar the Great had first conquered the Weald.

Finally, quoting Lois in the afterword to Penric, we have:
In terms of internal world chronology, The Hallowed Hunt would fall first,
the Penric novella perhaps a hundred and fifty years later, and The Curse
of Chalion and Paladin of Souls would follow a century or so after that.

So... mid-1300s

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Karen Hunt

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