[LMB] Any more section leaders out there for the Penric's Demon book discussion?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 24 09:41:41 GMT 2016

Thank you very much, Jennifer, for a great start to the second section of 
Penric's Demon! I'm sure we'll be spending many happy days going over the 

But since we've got other things coming up, like the official hard-cover launch 
of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, I hope we can post a new section daily. 

So, if anyone would like to sign up to spark a discussion about a section, 
please let me know onlist or offlist. 

Here's what I have so far: 
Gwynne Powell SECTION THREE: Penric is still in the Temple; the section ends when 
“he finally drifted off.” (Unconscious again. Hmmm.)

FOUR: Penric is heading off to Martensbridge; the section ends when “He
staggered dizzily to bed.” (I sense a theme, LOL.) 

FIVE: On the road still, near Big Crow River. The section ends when Desdemona

whispers “like a mountain rivulet, as he drifted off”. 
SECTION SIX: A private morning moment is

suddenly accompanied with observer(s). The section ends when Penric rolls out

of bed as fast as he can. “He couldn’t be out on the road soon enough.” This is

a very, very short section, but I think it’s pivotal. But if you really want to

sign up for the next section as well, I have no objections. Note: he’s

definitely not sleeping and sorting things out at the end of this scene.
SECTION SEVEN: On the road again, this time

near the green Linnet. The section ends when Pen “followed the man out.” 
SECTION EIGHT: Pen gets his own room. The

section ends when the librarian “locked the outer door carefully behind them

SECTION NINE: Suppertime. The section ends

when Pen “did not even attempt to talk to Desdemona”.
SECTION TEN: Penric lurks in the library.

Ends with “Pen chose not to pursue the remark.”
SECTION ELEVEN: The bathhouse near the

palace-and-temple precincts. The section ends when Pen is ready to “return to

his station in the library”.
SECTION TWELVE: Pen finally gets his chance

in the library. The section ends when he “turned the next page”.
SECTION THIRTEEN: Pen spends more time with

The Book. The section ends when Pen swallowed and said, “’Noted.’”
SECTION FOURTEEN: Reading some more; the

section ends when Pen “began paddling in the opposite direction”. (Quite a long

chapter with lots going on.)
SECTION FIFTEEN: Pen pulls himself out of

the lake. The section ends when the grumpy saint says, “’I’m going back to

SECTION SIXTEEN: Pen’s “friend” is taken

away. This is a super-short segment that reminds me of a shocky, shivering

victim. I don’t see a lot in it, but I’m probably wrong. If you do see a big

turning point, please take it and expand. Or, feel free to take both Sixteen

and Seventeen. It ends when “he dreamed uneasily of fathomless eyes”. 
SECTION SEVENTEEN: Pen awakens, ravenous.

The section ends with “the book clutched firmly in his hand”. 
SECTION EIGHTEEN: Back in the library,

reading. This is our last section. 

Are you still with me? LOL. Anyway, Gwynne has kindly offered to take two more 
sections, and I'll take as many sections as necessary to keep the new sections 
coming. But you really don't want to hear 10 sections from my viewpoint! So, I 
hope we get some more volunteers as section leaders. The discussions are more fun 
when more people participate.

Returning you now to your regularly scheduled discussions. 

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