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> Miles' POV, in particular, would be unreliable because not only does he
> hold his dad on a pedestal, he'd probably be uncomfortable thinking about
> _his parents_ having _sex_ at all.

Miles is in some ways similar to a migrant living in another country.

Miles has spent most of his adult life away from Barrayar, living a
very non-Barrayaran life. In his mind, and heart, is a picture of 
perfect Barrayaran culture, frozen in time (and he learned it mostly
from Piotr, so it's from that perfect golden, mythical Good Old Days.)

The rest of them live in modern Barrayar. There's been a lot of social
change - a huge amount in a relatively short time over the course of 
the books. 

When I was young (ohhhh a long time ago now) Greek girls in my
cohort would complain about their parents being so strict. Their 
parents left small villages to migrate to Australia the generation 
before, and were applying the old rules to their children. Some of 
those girls visited Greece and found the society there, for them, was
much freer than in Australia; Greece had moved on and changed a
lot during that generation, but their parents were frozen at the time 
when they left, still stuck in the old ways.

Miles is a bit like that - he's been away for a long time, and when he
was home he was often recovering from injuries. He's missed a lot.

Oh, and if you want a good chuckle, go to Memory and reread the
scene were Ivan realises that Simon and Alys are in a relationship.
Read all Miles's slightly patronising comments, and thoughts, about
it all. Then go to the latest book, and see the big brick hit Miles.


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