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> > (It sometimes seems to me that the sort of heavy, muscular good looks that men _think_ women admire, are actually the looks that men admire/aspire to.  Projecting?  Women had to go draw bishonen for themselves.)

> http://foxhoundstudio.com/blog/fitness-lifestyle/the-ideal-male-physique-%E2%80%94-what-girls-want-want-guys-want-to-be/

It's not easy to see all those choices that make such huge
assumptions about what women like. Some women, myself
most definitely included, want something that's not in those

My eyes light up for something totally different, which doesn't 
show up on that display of what is meant to be normal. I, 
apparently, fall outside that. 

I walk to the beat of a different drummer. And I'm sadly 
accustomed to my desires being ignored by the mainstream.


Yes, that's right.

I like them hairy.

I love a man with a pelt. Real men are furry. 

Gwynne (We each have our own particular joy.) 

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