[LMB] Aral and power

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Sun Jan 24 15:42:45 GMT 2016

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> I disagree. Notice how Aral turned over the regency without hesitation to the twenty year old Gregor. Also remember his argument with Cordillia about constitutions. 
> Aral wanted neither the camp stool nor the desk. 

> > On Jan 22, 2016, at 1:19 AM, Damien Sullivan <phoenix at mindstalk.net> wrote: 
> > "I don't want the throne, I just want to be the power behind the throne.
> > I mean, I don't *want* it like trying to get it.  But once it falls to
> > me, I won't stop..."

I don't think Aral wanted power, it's just that he wanted to 
work, and that's the level where he was working. When he
talked to Cordelia about going to Beta he didn't have too 
many job options - his training and background put him at
a certain - very high - level. 

He's also extremely good at it, and he likes to do a job well.

And there's not that many others who can work at that level.
Well, not that many others that he TRUSTS who can work at
that level. 

They're facing the same problem with Simon - he was brilliant
at running ImpSec. Now he needs something to do, because 
he's not all that safe when he's bored. But what CAN he do? 
He can't write his memoirs (well he can, but they won't be
published until about a century after he dies, and he can't
remember everything anyway.) He can't do anything much 
around ImpSec, that's not fair to Allegre. Selecting and training
certain staff, maybe. Occasional Auditor. 

Maybe Alys and Simon can take over Sergyar? Ivan would be


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