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Sun Jan 24 18:14:57 GMT 2016

I like [in no particular order *after* personality [what? you have to 
actually like the person and they have to like you and there needs to be 
mutual respect.]] eyes, voice, ass, bearing [confident, comfortable, 
nonegotestical, though personality is a part of bearing.] I can put up 
with someone that is not in the peak of physical perfection - so few 
people actually are. What most women respond to is actually the 
personality and bearing rather than looking for physical perfection. 
Though we don't want slobs [and bears are not slobs, they are simply a 
large frame with body hair.]

I know I have dated a moderately wide range of physical types ranging 
from slender and androgynous to bearish [Rob was very furry and though 
only 5'7" very solidly muscular] from short [Keith at 5'2" and 
androgynous] to tall [Don at 6'5" and a Navy SEAL but not a bear.] What 
attracted me to all of them was the air of confidence, comfort in their 
bodies and an open respectful treatment of women. I guess a sense of 
humor is also a component, nobody likes a Debbie Downer all the time.

On 1/24/2016 12:56 PM, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> LMB: This article was apparently put together by some fitness guys, 
> interested in selling their services, hence their very narrow focus.  
> Also the torsos.  An infomercial of sorts.  But really even with that, 
> the very questions they asked totally missed what (most) women are 
> interested in.  But, I suspect, really picked up what (most) men are 
> interested in.

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