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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 25 07:04:08 GMT 2016

> From: "Jean Lamb" tlambs1138 at charter.net

> I'm married to a bear (who tests out in the Dan Fielding range of straight,
> cf NIGHT COURT). And he's very cuddly (also has a T-shirt which says "Big
> dogs make good chairs"). 

> Although I'm allowed to look at say, Brad Pitt...however, there was a
> romance cover for THE TIGER PRINCE by Iris Johansen, I think, where the
> romantic hero actually had...(drumroll) *a line of hair down the middle of
> his chest and little fur on the top part*. The reason for the drumroll is
> that romance heroes are almost always shaven, if not waxed, and I enjoyed
> the change. 

Ohhh you are fortunate!

I have to admit that, although I have my preference for the fur, it's not what
I look for first.

With me it's the voice, and hands. That wins me every time. And the attitude - 
I like what I call 'people who've been through the fire'; people who have 
dealt with a few knocks and gained wisdom, perspective, patience (I like 
patient people. It helps when dealing with me, apparently), humour, insight...
all the good stuff.  

After that I get to the physical, which is a bonus. But it all depends on 
character first (ok, and voice, and hands. But character is what keeps 
me interested.)

That's for a serious relationship. But, since I can be shallow, I don't 
mind spending a few moments admiring a bit of eye candy. There's 
certain characters in TV shows or movies who always inspire a few
impure thoughts. And there's a dizzying variety among them - quite
a span in age (although not young. Don't like those little plastics. I 
prefer a grown man with a few wrinkles.)  Hair colour, skin tone, 
bloke/geek ratio... it can all vary. I like characters with an edge, with
some sense of intelligence and emotional strength. Being really 
good-looking is a bonus that I don't spurn. 

So when they waved all those pix at their test subjects, the women 
rated the torsos. But that meant nothing, really. Faces, personality, 
character, interestingness - all that matters more than a muscly torso.

Oh, and I'm with you on the hair thing, too. A few authors talk about
characters with a nice hairy chest and a line of hair leading down... 
mmm yes! (I only read them for the phraseology. Honest.)

Gwynne (Shallow, yes. But consistent with it.)


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