[LMB] Birthday Tixie

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Tue Jan 26 14:23:47 GMT 2016

> From: "A. Marina Fournier" saffronrose at me.com

> On Jan 24, 2016, at 11:48 AM, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote,(quoting Tixie Jean):
> >Hail to Marina Fournier, who is 62 today! Marina, I hope you will have a?good time (with float chair on stand by, if you like) with your tour of the?main dome on Komarr (where you will be greeted by a cockatoo named Bill--we?had a Cetagandan visitor who thought it would be fun to release an?intelligence-enhancing virus among the flock).<<

> I hope no one gets that notion for any?wild urban parrot flocks (Telegraph Hill, SF CA, and Temple City CA, that I know of)! Heaven forfend any seagulls, or any of the millions of Canada Geese who've decided to forgo their nomadic ways, and hang out in the lower 48 instead, should get such a virus. I love Canada, and Canadians, but their snow-bird-no-more geese are quite the nuisance.

It's too late. The wild birds I feed each day have definitely got
the intelligence gene. There's magpies, lorikeets and cockatiels.
They call me. The magpies sit outside the sunroom door and 
wait for me, calling when they hear my voice inside. If I leave the
sunroom door open I'll get them in the sunroom, even standing
in the doorway into the house and calling. It's a definite summoning
call. When I go out to feed them, there'll be a dozen or more - they
call their friends in, and when the food goes they call for more. They
don't respond to anyone else in the house that way - I'm the feeding
person.  They don't attack me, either.  Smart.

The lorikeets don't like an empty seed dish. They have their own 
calls. And when I go out to refill the dish they just sit and watch me, 
they don't take off - but they fly away from anyone else. 

The cockatiels stand sentinel, high up on the flagpole or a nearby 
TV aerial, and announce it when I'm out there filling seed dishes or
putting out more food. 

They know. They know me, and that I'm safe to be around. And they
call me when they want food. And they have me TRAINED to feed them.

Ohhh yes, they have the intelligence gene. 


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